Special tool about Drilling and Milling

“NEW” Technical Brochures for Drilling and Milling

It is also our honor to recommend our technical manuals including all of our Drilling and Milling Products. The contents of these manuals include directory icon translations, materials and application information, speeds and feeds as well as our quality system.



The project engineering experts of HAM participate in the full fabrication process from the raw material made in the molding to the finished products. The various kinds of customer service begin from the design of the complete workpieces to be manufactured. Several operations can be integrated into one tool based on the requirements. For instance, drilling and countersinking with tolerances in reaming qualities and subsequent backward countersinking. The characteristics of all products always correspond with the guide lines of acceptance precisely.
HAM has full confidence in developing tools for the future market. It is obvious as the development of solid carbide tooling and PCD round tools years before these types of designs were accepted by the market. In order to improve the products quality and consistency of HAM, we have been constantly seeking for new materials and new grinding methods.

HAM Special Tooling…

In order to manufacture special carbide tools, HAM devotes a great deal of time. So we can provide customer tools in any technical variations based on their demands, such as step drills, form drills, reamers, drill and chamfering tools, boring reamers and so on. We will try our best to seek solutions for you.

HAM proves themselves through many complicated ways. There is almost no material that cannot be machined, such as steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, ceramics as well as plastics and fiber reinforced materials.