Eight Angle eight blade

Eight Angle eight blade, single side insertion

Octomill ™ ’05 and’ 07 to provide the most comprehensive market scope of face milling cutter.

Designed to handle many applications, Octomill 05 and 07 provide high performance and process security. These tools are processed in medium to rough cutting steel and stainless steel. Because of the lower cost of each cut edge, the knife has 8 edges, which is more economical than the traditional tool.

Octomill 05 is a perfect match for a small machine with a maximum of up to 15HP, with small parts/depths. Octomill 07 is the ideal medium sized machine at 15HP to 25HP range.

Octomill – insert size of 05

Cutter range 32-315 mm (1.25-5 inches)

Maximum depth of 3.5 mm(0.138 inch)

Recommended depth of 2.5mm (0.098 in)

Cutting edge, single side insertion


Octomill – insert size 07

Cutter range 50-315mm (2-5in)

Maximum cutting depth of 5 mm (0.197 in)

Recommended cutting depth of 4 mm (0.157 in)

Cutting edge, single side insertion


Flour mill finish – 4 tip, single – side insertion

Seco offers a full range of flour mills for the application. These cutting machines are good at providing high surface finish to meet strict requirements, such as found on the engine cylinder cover. This product range includes a fixed pocket and adjustable version.

HEXAMILL’s heavy – 6 tip, single – sided insertion

Hexamill has expanded Seco’s face milling cutter and paneling to become the widest and most competitive product in the market.

Hexamill r220.66-12 has hexagonal insert, suitable for machining center and similar machines with minimum 25 HP and minimum ISO 50 taper size. These tools have an advantage over a large cut depth, and there are six cutting edges, which provide a lower price than the traditional face milling cutter.

HPMR1206ZETR-M17 T350M

HPMR1206ZETR-M17 MP2500

HPMN1206ZETR-MD20 MP2500


HPMN1206ZETR-MD20 MK1500