Helical pulp

Helical pulp is used for heavy – 4 – tip, single – side insertion

Cutting range 50-100 mm (2-4 inches)

Cutting depth < =160 mm(6.3 inches), Max 30% ae

The depth of slot depth is 50% Dc

Insert Angle radius 1.2-6.3 mm (. 047 -. 248 inches)


Spiral grinding machine complete – 2 tip, single – side insertion

High surface completion of shoulder and contour operation

Cutting range 32-80 mm (1.25-3 inches)

Cutting depth < = 90mm (3.5 inches)

Maximum ae = 1 mm

In the face of the factory

Seco provides numerous surface milling products to meet different production needs. Each product has its own unique features and advantages, both to reduce the number of cycles, to provide quick insertion indexing, high metal removal and consistent quality.

In addition, Seco provides tool selection and reduced data support to help you find the right tools and inserts for your operations.

Double octagonal – 16 tips, double-sided insertion

Double octagonal face milling cutter is a kind of multi-function, economical and production tool which can be used in rough machining and processing.

The two sides are inserted with 16 cutting edges, and the tool represents the combination operation of high cost performance. Double Octomill also has a coating, pre-hardened body, to ensure long tool life, protecting tools from wearing and preventing chips from welding to it.

The cutter in the double octagonal range is divided into three different pitches – normal, normal + and closed – allowing the user to optimize productivity through the perfect match with the machine tool. For example, if the machine has high power, a closed cutter is recommended. If the power of the machine is limited, choose normal or normal + pitch.

In addition, double Octomill now has a unique design that combines cassettes to accommodate the cost effective double Octomill insertion of Seco. Modularized and removable, cassettes can be replaced quickly and cheaply, if damaged, to avoid the cost of replacing the entire tool body. Cassettes USES Seco’s advanced positioning technology to ensure fast, simple and precise insertion positioning. It is also important that the box small box can make the auxiliary device almost eliminate the axial movement, while optimizing the feed rate, surface grinding and tool life.

Double Octomill – insert size of 05

Cutting range 25-200mm (1-8 inches)

Cutting maximum depth of 3 mm (0.118 inch)

Recommended cutting depth of 2 mm (0.079 in)

Double-sided insertion, 16 cutting edges


Double Octomill – insert dimension 09

Cutting range of 63-500mm (2.5-12.5 inches)

Maximum cutting depth of 6 mm (0.236 inches)

Recommended depth of 3 mm (0.118 inch)

Double-sided insertion, 16 cutting edges