The square T4 spiral tool

T4 helix – 4 – edge insertion

The square T4 spiral tool series combines our diverse milling cutters to the next level, with the feature of the tool being inserted into the tangent line, each of which has four cutting edges.

Tangential strengthened the stability of the inserted installation, improve the flow of the chip, and provides unlimited install screw, at the same time, multiple cutting edge will help decrease the cost of each components of the cutting tool. In addition, such installation design directs the cutting force to the thickest part of the insertion, providing very strong milling performance and increasing metal cutting rates.

The T4 spiral series includes t4-08 and t4-12 knives. It is suitable for rough machining and semi-finishing of steel, cast iron and various complex materials. These tools have smooth cutting motion, good surface finish and minimum vibration and contour application. All the cutter in the range is integrated with coolant passage to provide extended tool life

The t4-08 spiral cut diameter is between 0.98 and 2.13, and the depth is between 0.87 and 2.52. The angular radius ranges from 0.02 to 0.063.

The t4-12 spiral milling cutter has a larger, tangle-mounted liner that can increase the cutting depth to 0.5 inches and shorten the diameter from 2 inches to 4 inches. In the preceding line, the insert of the curved edge can be provided in the geometry and angular radius of the high position harrow at 0.125, to solve various workpiece requirements.

The square T4 spiral cutter can be installed in the Arbor, Weldon and Seco Weldon installation system for normal and close-range versions

T4 screw – insert dimension 08

Cutting range 25-54 mm (1-2 inches)

Cutting depth < = 64 mm (2.52 inches), maximum 30% ae

The depth of slot depth is 50% Dc

Insert Angle radius 0.4-1.6mm (. 016 -. 063 inches)


T4 screw – insert dimension 12

Cutting range 50-100 mm (2-4 inches)

Cutting depth < =81 mm(3.18 inches), maximum 30% ae

The depth of slot depth is 50% Dc

Insert angular radius 0.8-6.3 mm (. 031 -. 248 inches)