Like the monolithic handle, the Graflex handle can be used in conjunction with the mainstream front-end type. Adjustable drill chuck and rotary coolant can only be used with Graflex joint to ensure high degree of flexibility.

The Graflex adapter with a Combimaster front-end applies to the Combimaster tool product line.

SECO-CAPTO modular system

Seco – Capto ™ modular clamping series conforms to ISO 26623 standard polygon handle connection (PSC), and equipped with a self locking cone joint.

The seco-capto conical joint provides quick and convenient tool disassembly, which can be separated by unlocking the center bolt in the center bolt system or by loosening the CAM in the CAM shaft side clamping system. The seco-capto range includes the base handle, the middle indirect rod and the front-end handle and the transfer handle.

Rotating internal cold handle

For machine tools that are not equipped with the main shaft cooling channel, the rotary external cooling handle for the drill is provided with a method for conveying the coolant through the drill bit. These handles provide Graflex back ends (pole size 5 or 6) and five types of front end.

Front-end options include: for type 7 bit knife rod, ISO 9766 (side solid compatibility); For the Perfomax drill with type 7 bit knife rod, diameter adjustable range +0.8 to -0.3 mm; And BSM/ 401, for Graflex modular system module. The internal cold handle can be used for manual and automatic knife changing.

Taper switch

Taper swivel joint allows the handle or tool to be used in conjunction with the taper of the machine tool and the spindle taper of the machine tool. For example, the BT40 tapping chuck is used on the 50 taper spindle.

These switch handles eliminate the leading time of loss during machine downtime. In addition, the switch can also be used to test custom knives on another machine tool (rather than a planned production machine).

Taper switch handles eliminate the need to provide a new tool or tool for a specific machine tool. Them at any time can be used with the built-in lock clamping mechanism, these institutions in ball bearings (applicable to large taper clamping) or HSK locking unit (for HSK – A or HSK – taper clamping C) with the clamping screw

Handle to install bridge board

These fixed seats and adapters are used to install the bridge board on the spindle of the machine tool. Can be directly installed in the bridge plate on the base of the handle (HSK and SA) or for long parts of Graflex ™ modular adapter. Version of the bridge Angle orientation degree according to every 30 °, easy to locate in the machine tool disc knife library.

The handle blank

The company’s prepared tool stock allows customers to produce their own custom clamping solutions. The machine side connection is 100% processed. The workpiece side includes “soft” non-sclerosing tube (tensile strength of 120 to 130 daN/mm squared) for easy processing. Follow-up heat treatment is not recommended.

Test control rod

The test bar is mainly used to check the accuracy, and set up the tool shaft and the knife tool. The diameter of the front and the cone is the maximum of 5 mu m. The measured values are listed in the attached data table and certificate of accuracy. The value and position of the diameter and length measurements are engraved on each test bar by laser. Front edge can be used for optical knife. The mountain high test bar is installed in the protective box to pay the customer.

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