Company produces standard type micro-machining vertical milling cutter complete products with long neck, reducing diameter, square head type, and ball – head cutter products. The product design can be processed with steel material and hardness as high as 67 HRC. It has high machining precision and long cutting tool life.

EADE, integral ceramic endmill, KYS40 ™ Beyond ™ material

EADE general ceramic vertical milling cutter has higher productivity and longer service life, which can be used in the rough machining application of nickel-base high-temperature alloy workpiece. Beyond KYS40 ™ material using life expectancy, in similar products with high metal removal rate, product line more than other similar products on the market.

KC643M ™ slotting cutter

F2AU and F3AU keyway cutters are grooved for shaft type workpieces, which have high machining precision in the application of hub connection. Rounded corners can improve the durability of the workpiece because it reduces the possibility of cracks between the bottom and sides. The radius of the blade should be adjusted according to the relevant standard when the key groove is processed according to the ISO standard. The latest KC643M key type tool replaces the original KC635M ™ and KC625M ™ type cutting tools.

GOmill ™, KC643M ™, a high performance overall carbide end mill

Gomill series products are designed for small cut processing and application development, can be used for machining of various materials, such as mild steel material, and 48 HRC hardness of hard steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloy, and cast iron materials. The total length of the series is very small, with the grooved design of the light cutting performance, so it can meet the increasing demand of milling and milling.

GOmill ™, KC643M ™, a high performance overall carbide end mill

UEDE • GOMill ™ type, type a short, sharp corners

UEDE • GOMill ™, short type, chamfering type, four blade, 38 ° spiral Angle

UEBC • GOMill ™, short type, ball head type, two edges

UEBE • GOMill ™, short type, ball head type, three blade

Applied parameter • UEDE • three-blade pointed Angle

Apply parameter • UEDE • 4-blade chamfering type

Applied parameters: UEBC • two-edged ball head type

Apply parameter • UEBE • three-edged ball head type

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