High performance aluminum material processing solid carbide end milling cutter

Company produces high performance aluminum material processing and end milling cutter with high metal removal efficiency and high surface processing quality, and also shorten processing time. The cutting edge design can be used for the milling, milling and copying of various aluminum materials. The product design ensures excellent anti-chip performance and ensures the vertical vertical of the base wall. There are many types of products to choose from.


CFRP, the whole hard milling cutter, KCN05 ™ Beyond ™ material

KCN05 whole hard milling cutter has a long service life, the blade performance is improved, has excellent surface finish quality, suitable for hard cutting material CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) and non-ferrous metal materials processing. Unique groove design is easy to cut operation, reduce heat formation, and ensure high quality machining surfaces


KenFeed ™

The KenFeed end milling cutter has many effective cutting edges and is an ideal tool for processing steel materials with a hardness of 67 HRC. The KenFeed combines rough machining and semi-precision machining performance in all, and can be processed with small cut depth in high feed, with extremely high metal removal rate (MRR) performance. 3 x D diameter and long suspension design type, especially suitable for the application of 3D processing of cavity processing, such as slope milling and screw interpolation. In the application of face milling, the KenFeed which adopts the patent knife head can be fully exposed to the workpiece, which can be increased by 55% compared to that of the conventional ball head cutter with only 5-10%.


High performance hard material processing solid carbide end milling cutter

These metal stand milling products are specially used for high speed and high feed processing for hardness up to 67 HRC hardened steel materials. The product has special coating, matrix material, and groove type to ensure that the service life of cutter is very long in the processing of various hard materials.

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