The rotary shank series provides a comprehensive and comprehensive solution to connect machine tools and tools to enable you to give full play to their value. This diverse portfolio includes a Steadyline tool with built-in anti-vibration function. This series covers all standard artifact side interfaces and the mountain’s unique interfaces. In addition, A machine tool side interface for most specifications is included, including hsk-a-e-t, DIN, BT, ANSI, PSC (seco-capto) and cylindrical.

Face milling cutter handle

The company provides a wide – range, ISO 3937 standard face milling handle based on core – and tenon – drive functions. The product portfolio includes selection for most machine tool side connections, and covers most workpiece side diameters, providing excellent performance in many applications from rough milling to precision milling.

Accu Fit shank precise dynamic balance to 3 g.m m/kg. Because the mechanism can be automatically in the middle, it can maintain the dynamic balance of the tool and handle in the process of processing. They not only maintain a perfect dynamic balance during the high-speed milling of difficult materials, but also keep a low jump, so that all blades achieve the same cutting depth.

Three side milling cutter handle

The handle of the three side milling cutter is clamped with three side milling cutter with A adjustable sliding shaft with driving key, such as the high three-side milling cutter type A. It is also known as “telescopic” three-sided milling cutter handle. The adjustable slide shaft allows the use of the same three-sided milling cutter handle to hold a series of three side milling cutters with different widths. The base handle and the three – face milling cutter are fastened to the body of the handle by a built-in nail lock. Elongated front-end clamping flanges help to achieve optimal workpiece accessibility.

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