The threaded turning solution for inner and outer circular processing is capable of machining all the high quality threads of dimensions and contours. From direct die-casting single-point blades to innovative handles to intuitive software, we have everything you need to increase your productivity and profits.

To avoid artificial programming, our threading guide software eliminates complex programming and computational processes. With very little input, the wizard automatically selects the most suitable tool and blade, determines the best processing parameters, and then downloads the information to the machine’s CNC.

Snap-tap – LAYDOWN blade threading system

With advanced manufacturing process, our Snap – Tap ® threading tool enjoys a high precision cutting edge. After using this process, the blade does not need to be regrinding or grinding, making these knives a very economical choice. You can use it with our anti-twist shank, and you can also use the practical advice provided by our threading guide software to deal with any thread turning application encountered.

Our popular Snap – Tap ® thread cutting tool series provide three kinds of sword fragment groove type, can be well processed steel and stainless steel. Although each type has a unique purpose, they all have CP500 materials with very abrasion resistance PVD coating, which can be reliably processed in most common thread turning applications.

To coincide with the Snap – Tap ® blade using and manufacturing innovation the handle can provide the best holding force, able to prolong tool life and improve the machining accuracy. They adopt Anti – Twist blade lock system, the system is at the back of the blade has a very wear-resisting carbide pin, effectively prevent the rotation of the blade due to compression or reverse, positioning stability. In order to improve the rigidity of the blade and handle, the D type press plate firmly pushes the blade into the blade seat.

Multi-direction turning – threading

The highly stable and reliable MDT (multi-direction turning) system is made up of hilt and blade, which can provide excellent performance in thread turning. The product can be used for external and internal thread machining. Its unique clamping method combines the v-top clamp and the jagged interface between the blade bottom and the blade seat to achieve excellent stability.

Mini-shaft – small diameter internal thread turning

Highly general Mini – Shaft ™ is composed of the blade and handle, can provide a stable, high precision of internal thread processing. The mini-shaft adopts a unique double – tooth saw connector, which can form a solid connection point for its replaceable blade and handle, and the repeated positioning accuracy reaches +/ -0.02mm (+ /- 0.0008 in). All shank can be fitted with right and left blade, and provide inner cold passage. Suitable for a hole with a minimum diameter of 8 mm (0.315 in).

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