Thread milling is a cost effective general processing technology, which can be used for cutting various threads, parts and workpiece materials on the same machine. We have more solid carbide thread cutter, tooth indexable insert tools and thread processing wizard software can easily be process, and we can work out a good tooth type and high quality on the surface of the thread.

In general, thread milling can produce excellent non-burr surface and reduce tool inventory cost. The same tools can be used to process the left and right screw threads and different thread tolerances. In addition, the same tools can be used to thread the wide material and aperture. Thread milling is different from tapping. Even in hardened materials, full thread depth machining can be carried out with first-rate precision.

Threading guide

The software eliminates computing and simplifies the programming process so that operators do not have to make any guesses about milling. With very little data input, the software can select the correct operating tool, determine the best operating parameters, and then download the information to the CNC machine.

396.18/19/20 – blade cutter

Our 396.18/19/20 – blade cutter provides efficient and economical thread processing. Please use the product filter to learn about this product area.

THREADMASTER – integral thread milling cutter

Threadmaster ™ thread milling cutter at a relatively low cost of each hole thread processing and high quality. Threadmaster not only can process 100% thread depth, but also USES a large spiral Angle to reduce the cutting force and eliminate tremors. They have excellent hard alloy matrix and TiCN coating, which can provide excellent toughness and abrasion resistance in milling aluminum alloy, steel parts, stainless steel and cast iron. For high temperature alloy, the milling cutter with internal cold channel improved the chip, cutter service life and surface roughness. Can be processed M, MF, UNC, UNF, NPT, NPTF and BSP thread teeth, processing range of M4 to M20.

Threadmaster – H thread milling cutter is designed to process hardened materials between 45 and 60 HrC. Can be processed M and MF thread tooth type, processing range is M4 – M16.

Threadmaster – 900 thread milling cutter is designed for steel and stainless steel with tensile strength greater than 900 N/mm2. Can be processed M and MF thread teeth type, the processing range is M4 – M14.

Threadmaster – Mini thread milling cutter is designed to process m1-m2.5 threads in hardened materials between 45 and 60 HrC.

THREADMASTER – thread milling cutter

Threadmaster screw drill milling cutter is a multifunctional tool, through in a feed to complete the drilling and chamfering thread processing, not only provide excellent quality of thread, and reducing the costs of each hole processing. Shorter shavings can be efficiently discharged through a spiral groove. These tools use excellent hard alloy matrix and TiAlN coating, which can provide excellent toughness and abrasion resistance while milling aluminum alloy and cast iron. The range of processing is M4 to M16, which has both public coarse teeth and fine teeth (M, MF), as well as fine teeth and fine teeth (UNC, UNF), and BSP thread of English system.

THREADMASTER II – universal thread milling cutter

This universal thread cutter can be used for high precision and all-tooth processing of common materials. It provides three pitch and xd xd 2 and 3 options, but with EPB ™ expand from the handle and EPB 5672 high-precision collet chuck, in order to reduce the amount of beating. The thread of UNC and UNF can be processed, and the machining range is M4 to M16.

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