Diamond cutting tool

Diamond cutting, with high hardness, high strength,,, thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance other features, could be very high to high speed cutting and to obtain an accurate and efficient the machines…  .     cut diamond is diamond shaped, on the above characteristics, by state. Te. Te of the carbon atoms in the diamond crystal  ,   four       the valence electrons as the structure of Quaternary and interdependent, and each carbon atom of neighbouring   with   four   Of the covalent bond with, thus forming a diamond structure, binding force, and trend is very strong, making of diamond with high hardness on  …   as   crystals diamond (PCD)   non   structure orientation and fine grain diamond sintered; in spite of the fact that, joined with the agent, the hardness, corrosion resistance, and still less diamond  .  . But because the PCD sintered are       the properties, and therefore is not easy along the surface of the split division   one   te…

The industrialized countries, the diamond tools and search in advance, and application of immature  .  . Since 1953, for the first time in Sweden since the synthetic diamond,       cutting performance research and got a lot of results, and PCD application range and rapid expansion in the volume of use at present,         the world famous manufacturers of artificial diamond, composite paper, mainly of British beers, corporation, and General Electric Company of America, Japan and $X Wmytwmw electric, etc.., and, according to reports, in the first quarter of   1995   just       Japan PCD return   to   10.7   million. PCD scope. The application of the beginning of turning processing   to   drilling, grinding, or extension. One organization of Japan, on the tools of investigation, found that people in the selection. PCD are the main considerations, on the basis of PCD, after the processing of the surface with precise, accurate extent, tool life and other advantages.       diamond compound Synthetic       technology has evolved significantly, beers, and launched the company (diameter 74 mm) te, and the thickness of the layer of 0.3mm polycrystalline diamond.

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