coil packing machine manufacturer

coil packing machine manufacturer in China for automatic coil packaging by dust protection and moisture protection package.

The package can be wrap including wire coil, copper coil, bearing, cable, hose…

One machine is able replace 3-5 workers in packaging.

The machine is cheap and good performace.



We are planning to purchase 180 Degree mold turnover machine and coil packing machine.

Details as follows:

Max weight 20 Ton

180 Degree rotation time – 60 Sec

Driver motor – 7.5 Kw – 1 EA

A&B Table size – 1700 mm * 1700mm

Machine dimension – W 1700 * L 4200 * H 400 mm

(This machine make – Fhope, China).


Please send your specification details with quote.

The videos of the coil packing machines


Automatic pallet inverter

Following are pallet inverter for handling the pallet load which is for changing or moving the pallet.

  • Pallet tilter 
  • 180° Pallet Inverter 
  • Pallet exchanger 
  • Pallet inverter-D series 
  • Pallet inverter-C series 
  • pallet inverter-B series 
  • Pallet inverter-A series 
  • 95 ° Pallet Exchanger


Please give me price as follow option

1- Festo cylinder and Pneumatic

2- Mitsubishi PLC/Inverter and HMI

We can purchase stretch film locally having a width of 450mm, could you advise whether this will fit on the pallet inverter machine.  Secondly what is the weight of your roll and how many are in pallet.

I have checked with our MD and confirm that we prefer having a technician for the installation as well as giving our people a good training on how to use the pallet inverter machine properly. Note that we shall organise for a translator.

How much space will it take up in a 20ft container so that we can decide whether to use a full 20ft or shipment through a LCL shipment.

Note that we shall send you our order confirmation for pallet inverter soon.

aluminum profile packing machine алюминиевая профильная упаковочная машина

Machine 3 (This aluminum stretch wrapping machine is a subbundle automatic wrapping machine)
a) Infeed
For this machine, we need something like yours “loading belts” and yours “infeed roller table”
b) Outfeed
We need something like yours “Outfeed roller table” and yours “automatic stretch wrapping and stacking machine”.

Hope this information could help you to begin this project to supply us this kind of equipment.
If you need more information please feel free to ask.
Awaiting your prompt reply, with best regards,

Packing process:

subbundle strapping>>>>>infeeding>>>>subbundle wrapping>>>>>big bundle stacking>>>>>>Big bundle wrapping

coil packing machine

We need coil wrapping machine as per attached photos

Minimum                     Maximum

1] Strip width                                                         4  mm                     600 mm

2] Strip thickness                                                   0.04 mm                4.00 mm

3] Coil weight [Kg]                                                10                            300

4] Coil Internal Diameter                                     100 mm                  500 mm.

5] Coil Outer Diameter                                        200 mm                    800 mm.

Please send your best offers


Please note weight, value, packing and volume  in the  attached documents  are not matching with the PI ,

As we informed earlier all the details must be as per the PI since attached PI is already approved by the Authorities.

So please change the documents accordingly and provide the same as per approved PI.

Film wrap machine


5)reduce film usage
Our wrap machine and stretch film carriage can stretch the film before applying onto the pallet load, unlike the hand wrapping or a machine without pre-stretch film carriage what only can stretch while applying.if you’re wrapping 10-15 pallet loads, you will find our company is your best choice and we can meet all of your requirement.
With good sense, most semi-automatic machines and fully automatic wrapping systems make our unique stretch carriage achieve a standard ratio of 250% within tolerance shrink .it’s very important technique to unitize pallet loads safely.
It keeps reducing your film usage, When you transfer from hand wrapping to machine stretch wrapping, you will find it can reduce your film cost about 50% dramatically and minimize carbon footprint steady. please take the saving cost into a good consideration when you give a quotation.
If you want to know more additional information, please feel free to contact to your local distributor or our sales department.
Our company is a pioneer in the field of engineering and manufacturing of stretch packing machines and systems with 30years long experience, we are your first choice in modernizing and upgrading your end-of-the packaging process.
You can enjoy benefits through a small investment:
Innovative ability and extensive knowledge in the pallet unitizing area can provide you an effective solution.
Qualified equipment with competitive price to lower your operating cost and get good effect soon.
Friendly attitude and effective service what you can expect anything you want from a family-owned company.
All the manufacturing process from engineering to welding, painting, assembly and final testing have been finished in our, Canada plant.It can assure our customer can enjoy the exceptional quality and cost control.

Diamond cutting tool

Diamond cutting, with high hardness, high strength,,, thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance other features, could be very high to high speed cutting and to obtain an accurate and efficient the machines…  .     cut diamond is diamond shaped, on the above characteristics, by state. Te. Te of the carbon atoms in the diamond crystal  ,   four       the valence electrons as the structure of Quaternary and interdependent, and each carbon atom of neighbouring   with   four   Of the covalent bond with, thus forming a diamond structure, binding force, and trend is very strong, making of diamond with high hardness on  …   as   crystals diamond (PCD)   non   structure orientation and fine grain diamond sintered; in spite of the fact that, joined with the agent, the hardness, corrosion resistance, and still less diamond  .  . But because the PCD sintered are       the properties, and therefore is not easy along the surface of the split division   one   te…

The industrialized countries, the diamond tools and search in advance, and application of immature  .  . Since 1953, for the first time in Sweden since the synthetic diamond,       cutting performance research and got a lot of results, and PCD application range and rapid expansion in the volume of use at present,         the world famous manufacturers of artificial diamond, composite paper, mainly of British beers, corporation, and General Electric Company of America, Japan and $X Wmytwmw electric, etc.., and, according to reports, in the first quarter of   1995   just       Japan PCD return   to   10.7   million. PCD scope. The application of the beginning of turning processing   to   drilling, grinding, or extension. One organization of Japan, on the tools of investigation, found that people in the selection. PCD are the main considerations, on the basis of PCD, after the processing of the surface with precise, accurate extent, tool life and other advantages.       diamond compound Synthetic       technology has evolved significantly, beers, and launched the company (diameter 74 mm) te, and the thickness of the layer of 0.3mm polycrystalline diamond.

Die cutting

Die cutting is the main tool of the processing account for an estimated the total volume of die cutting mold 80%-90% therefore is the main tool in development. Because it is in the process of metal cutting tools, cutting tools, measuring the largest, and therefore improve the machine performance milling grinder has become one of the creative direction.

Because it is in the process of metal cutting tools, cutting tools, measuring the largest, and therefore improve the machine performance milling grinder has become one of the creative direction. Tools to help users overcome the difficulties from the global financial crisis from the structure of tools designed to increase the efficiency of the cutting tool is currently one of the characteristics of the development of new products. The type is generally applied to indexable insert is even available in design so that the cutting edge will be doubled. You can also insert by increasing the number of polygons in the economic improvement of sex.
With the use of CNC machine more popular is the traditional method of CNC milling cannot meet the requirements of the milling machine. CNC function in very limited play. Comprehensive and modern system of this new technology is limited and real application of the knowledge to promote the progress of technology and advanced machinery used in milling, increasing efficiency and economic and social benefits of technology has important value of cataract. Has the extensive.

deep hole processing

It is proved that the use of internal cooling and to improve productivity by drilling, deep hole processing, very effective. With the advantages of not only, by cutting off the fluid directly to the drilling point,   play the cooling effect, but also play   and   to   assist     mandatory chip, chip breaking…. and in depth are more than 3 times of the diameter by using bit by processing and internal cooling effect, more obvious, but until now, with internal cooling often only With a diameter 3 mm or more bits are bits.
In order to improve the engineering te te te te te te bit parts, pieces of data, and optimization and new materials also, you will need to make and test inspection  .   use   in the car, dig a set of test, measurement data, and established the practical calculation on drilling force   method, this method is based on the orthogonal rotation, in the properties, test access te data.
If successfully exploited, shift, and measured data based on the drilling, operation simulation the drilling process, and, therefore, you get to understand the best search well, is the most important. The cutting operation on  …   usually on rotating parts, and drill processing of approximately   30 percent  .   or   both in drilling, digging, or the blade and blade pieces are, under normal conditions, and is continuing to cut with, and use of the same materials, cutting tool, and thus, this point, with M The P operation, drilling, or similar vehicle.


We have the most comprehensive selection of auto cutting products in the industry, with more than 5,500 standard blades and over 3,000 tool handles for your choice.

All metalworking manufacturers can achieve the highest productivity and yield by virtue of these products.

Regular turning – ISO

The high mountain has a complete set of regular turning tools and blades, so we can provide an ideal solution for your specific application. Regardless of your material, clamping, part requirements and machine performance, our wide range of product options perfectly match your needs.


DURATOMIC ® technology – general cutting blade

As a leader in nanotech, Duratomic CVD alumina coating processes are arranged on an atomic level to improve the mechanical properties, thermal stability and chemical inertness of many products.

By controlling the atomic structure of the coating, the company can ensure that the best part of the structure is used for cutting. In addition, this kind of control can also form a smooth surface, can produce a smaller friction during cutting and less heat, thus can realize the service life of cutting tools and speed of the unmatched ability.

Conventional turning blades

Anything is possible when it comes to our wide variety of conventional turning and cutting slots. We develop all these solutions to support different shape, size and thickness of the blade, and always adhering to the common goal – in your turning applications increase productivity and extend the service life of cutter. This comprehensive series covers all material groups and enables you to easily achieve your material cutting rate, tool life and surface roughness.

Jetstream Tooling ® – general cutting tool rod

Jetstream Tooling shank with through internal cooling channel cooling fluid to efficiently transport to the best location near the cutting edge.

Seco – Capto ™ – general turning the handle

Seco – Capto ™ is a leading the quick change of modularized cutting tool system, can quickly clamping toolholder and replaced.

Used for turning and turning boring Steadyline

The Steadyline is a modular anti-vibration clamping system that includes a vibration-proof tool, which provides a change-for-one with precise and reliable GL interfaces.

Modular GL turning tool head

Used for Steadyline ® vibration-proof handle modular GL turning tool bit is accurate, reliable and GL interface is easy to change the handle.

Handle blade seat and boring bar

This wide range of easy-to-use blades with handles and boring rods makes the reliability and productivity of the lathe work even more.

A knife clip used for railway processing

This line of railway processing products includes replaceable knife clips to ensure stable and highly reliable wheel turning. This product line is applicable to most available machine tool clamping system, blade type, shape and size.

Lathe tool clip

These highly applicable turning tools include radial and axial adjustment. The comprehensive blade series is suitable for many applications and wide blade type, shape and size.

Graphite processing solid carbide end milling cutter

The solid carbide end milling cutter with diamond coating is suitable for processing graphite. They provide 10 times longer life than the traditional coating of milling cutters. These tools provide a wide range of groove and wide diameter, and use the best substrate to ensure that the diamond coating is perfectly adhered to the entire cutting parameters. In general, these vertical milling knives require less time to change and can process precision parts with high feed, thus significantly increasing productivity and cutting tool costs.

Diamond – square shoulder – graphite – 2-4 blade

Neck design, shorter blade length, non-cutting tail-end groove


Dc 3-12 mm, blade tip arc

Cylindrical, 3 lengths


Diamond – ball head – graphite – 2-4 blade

Neck design, taper neck, diamond CVD coating


Dc 3-12 mm, ball head

Cylindrical, 5 lengths


Diamond – ball head – graphite – 3 blade

Taper neck, shorter blade length, diamond CVD coating


Dc 5-10 mm, ball head

Cylindrical, 2 lengths

HSS – CO vertical milling cutter

High – speed cobalt alloy steel is a superior quality grade which has better performance than traditional high speed steel. Due to the higher hardness, these end mills can provide longer service life in today’s abrasion, heat and special materials.

Blade design, high quality wear-resistant coating and optimized performance, such as apply to these difficult processing materials in cold, directly to these end mill production of high quality and low cost advantage.

High performance hss-co end milling cutter

With 8% cobalt content, high performance HSS-Co vertical milling cutter is suitable for milling applications requiring relatively high toughness and extremely high anti-microcollapse performance. The thermal shock resistance of this material grade can be widely used in the less ideal conditions.

Especially when large diameters are required, hss-co solutions are more advantageous, filling the gap between the solid carbide and the blade. These products are developed for processing titanium alloys and stainless steel, and can provide PVD coatings or uncoated. More specifically, these tools are specifically designed for applications where high quality process reliability is used in low speed and high torque machine tools.


High performance – square shoulder – titanium alloy – 4-6 blade

Variable surface profile, internal cold channel, SIRA coating


Dc 16-50 mm, blade tip arc

Weldon side fixation, 2 types of length