Graphite processing solid carbide end milling cutter

The solid carbide end milling cutter with diamond coating is suitable for processing graphite. They provide 10 times longer life than the traditional coating of milling cutters. These tools provide a wide range of groove and wide diameter, and use the best substrate to ensure that the diamond coating is perfectly adhered to the entire cutting parameters. In general, these vertical milling knives require less time to change and can process precision parts with high feed, thus significantly increasing productivity and cutting tool costs.

Diamond – square shoulder – graphite – 2-4 blade

Neck design, shorter blade length, non-cutting tail-end groove


Dc 3-12 mm, blade tip arc

Cylindrical, 3 lengths


Diamond – ball head – graphite – 2-4 blade

Neck design, taper neck, diamond CVD coating


Dc 3-12 mm, ball head

Cylindrical, 5 lengths


Diamond – ball head – graphite – 3 blade

Taper neck, shorter blade length, diamond CVD coating


Dc 5-10 mm, ball head

Cylindrical, 2 lengths

HSS – CO vertical milling cutter

High – speed cobalt alloy steel is a superior quality grade which has better performance than traditional high speed steel. Due to the higher hardness, these end mills can provide longer service life in today’s abrasion, heat and special materials.

Blade design, high quality wear-resistant coating and optimized performance, such as apply to these difficult processing materials in cold, directly to these end mill production of high quality and low cost advantage.

High performance hss-co end milling cutter

With 8% cobalt content, high performance HSS-Co vertical milling cutter is suitable for milling applications requiring relatively high toughness and extremely high anti-microcollapse performance. The thermal shock resistance of this material grade can be widely used in the less ideal conditions.

Especially when large diameters are required, hss-co solutions are more advantageous, filling the gap between the solid carbide and the blade. These products are developed for processing titanium alloys and stainless steel, and can provide PVD coatings or uncoated. More specifically, these tools are specifically designed for applications where high quality process reliability is used in low speed and high torque machine tools.


High performance – square shoulder – titanium alloy – 4-6 blade

Variable surface profile, internal cold channel, SIRA coating


Dc 16-50 mm, blade tip arc

Weldon side fixation, 2 types of length

Universal solid carbide end milling cutter

As the name implies, this series of high solid carbide tool covers the basic end milling cutter for basic processing operation. It includes generic strip and uncoated end milling cutter, a series of products for processing plastics and aluminum alloy, chamfering end mills and tapered cutting tools. These products adopt high quality material grade and coating, which can achieve the expected excellent tool life.

Universal machining – square shoulder – general – 2-4 blade

Smooth cutting operation, NXT coating

ISO P, M, K, S

Dc 1-25 mm, chamfer

Cylindrical, side solid, 3 lengths


General processing – 30 ° to 45 ° chamfer – general – 3-4 blade

Different pitch, SIG 60 and 90 degrees, SIRA coating

ISO P, M, K, S

Dc 3-12 mm, chamfer

Cylinder, side fixation, 1 length


General machining – square shoulder – aluminum – 2-3 blades

The edges of the blade support rear Angle, different pitch, radial back Angle


Dc 2-20 mm, sharp

Cylinder, side fixation, 2 lengths


General processing – conical – general – 2-4 blades

Taper wall finishing cutting tool, MEGA coating

ISO P, M, K, S, N, H, TS, TP, GR

Dc 1-10 mm, tapered

Cylinder, side fixation, 1 length


Common processing – concave – – – – – 4 – edge

MEGA coatings

ISO P, M, K, S, N, H, TS, TP, GR

Dc 4-9 mm, concave arc

Cylinder, side fixation, 1 length


Universal machining – square shoulder – plastic – 1 blade

Open edge design, super sharp


Dc 2-12 mm, sharp

Cylindrical, one length

General processing – engraving – general – 1 blade

Super sharp

ISO P, M, K, N, S, TS1, TP1, GR

Dc 0.2mm, sharp

Cylindrical, one length


General machining – square shoulder – plastic – 2 blade

Super sharp

TS1, TS2

Dc 1-25 mm, sharp

Cylindrical, 3 lengths

High performance end milling cutter

HARVI ™ I high-performance overall carbide end mill

The HARVI I type cutter can be used for slot milling, groove milling, and imitation processing, which can be used for high feed processing of various material workpieces. These vertical milling cutter products have high metal removal rate and excellent surface machining performance. Various diameter and blade sizes, such as chamfering, rounded corners, and sharp cutting edges, are available in stock. In order to avoid the vertical milling cutter in heavy loss in the machining, HARVI I by HAIMER company production tool can be equipped with Safe – Lock ™ device.

XE/XER high performance solid carbide end milling cutter

XE and XER point vertical milling cutter is designed for stainless steel, titanium, and high temperature alloy material processing and design, usually used in the aerospace industry, national defense industry, medical equipment industry, oil and gas industry.

HARVI ™ II high-performance overall carbide end mill

The HARVI II knife has extremely high metal cutting rate and has five asymmetric distribution cutting edges, which can be used in the rough machining and finishing application of side milling, slot milling and imitation processing. Various diameter and blade sizes, such as chamfering, rounded corners, and sharp cutting edges, are available in stock. In order to avoid the vertical milling cutter in heavy loss in the machining, HARVI II tool can be equipped with Safe – Lock by HAIMER company ™ device.

HARVI ™ II Long high-performance overall carbide end mill

The HARVI II long series cutter can be processed with titanium, steel and stainless steel materials, with excellent surface processing quality and metal cutting rate (MRR). HARVI II increases the cutting length, which can be used for the deep cavity semi-finishing and finishing of thin wall workpieces. At the same time, it can reduce the number of cutting times while working on the wing type of the aerospace industry.

HARVI ™ II Trochoidal high-performance overall carbide end mill

Kenner metal cycloidal milling cutter is designed for cutting depth of up to 3 x D, the path to the feeding knife is high in milling, especially suitable for the application of CAM tool path calculation software. A universal cutter for external profile and deep cavity roughing and finishing. Using the same tool to carry out the screw interpolation at the bottom of deep cavity workpiece can reduce the tool stock and shorten the setting time.

HARVI ™ III high-performance overall carbide end mill

The HARVI III tool refers to a higher stage of high-performance copying, semi-finishing and finishing applications. These vertical milling cutter products have the maximized metal removal rate and excellent surface finishing quality in titanium and stainless steel materials processing. Existing inventory products can provide a variety of diameter and a variety of nose radius specifications of the products, can also be provided with a company producing Safe – Lock ™ device of the tool rod products.

HARVI ™ III Ball Nose high performance overall carbide end mill

The HARVI III ball-head cutter refers to a higher stage of high-performance copying, semi-finishing and finishing. This series of products has the maximum metal cutting rate in titanium and stainless steel material processing, as well as the excellent surface quality. Provides a variety of diameters and dimensions of products.

HARVI ™ III Taper Ball Nose high performance overall carbide end mill

HARVI III cone spherical cutter can satisfy the energy industry and aerospace industry steam turbine the application needs of customers, in five-axis machining applications can significantly shorten the processing time, so can greatly improve productivity and production capacity.

High performance micro – milling cutter

Company produces standard type micro-machining vertical milling cutter complete products with long neck, reducing diameter, square head type, and ball – head cutter products. The product design can be processed with steel material and hardness as high as 67 HRC. It has high machining precision and long cutting tool life.

EADE, integral ceramic endmill, KYS40 ™ Beyond ™ material

EADE general ceramic vertical milling cutter has higher productivity and longer service life, which can be used in the rough machining application of nickel-base high-temperature alloy workpiece. Beyond KYS40 ™ material using life expectancy, in similar products with high metal removal rate, product line more than other similar products on the market.

KC643M ™ slotting cutter

F2AU and F3AU keyway cutters are grooved for shaft type workpieces, which have high machining precision in the application of hub connection. Rounded corners can improve the durability of the workpiece because it reduces the possibility of cracks between the bottom and sides. The radius of the blade should be adjusted according to the relevant standard when the key groove is processed according to the ISO standard. The latest KC643M key type tool replaces the original KC635M ™ and KC625M ™ type cutting tools.

GOmill ™, KC643M ™, a high performance overall carbide end mill

Gomill series products are designed for small cut processing and application development, can be used for machining of various materials, such as mild steel material, and 48 HRC hardness of hard steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloy, and cast iron materials. The total length of the series is very small, with the grooved design of the light cutting performance, so it can meet the increasing demand of milling and milling.

GOmill ™, KC643M ™, a high performance overall carbide end mill

UEDE • GOMill ™ type, type a short, sharp corners

UEDE • GOMill ™, short type, chamfering type, four blade, 38 ° spiral Angle

UEBC • GOMill ™, short type, ball head type, two edges

UEBE • GOMill ™, short type, ball head type, three blade

Applied parameter • UEDE • three-blade pointed Angle

Apply parameter • UEDE • 4-blade chamfering type

Applied parameters: UEBC • two-edged ball head type

Apply parameter • UEBE • three-edged ball head type

High performance solid carbide end milling cutter series

High performance aluminum material processing solid carbide end milling cutter

Company produces high performance aluminum material processing and end milling cutter with high metal removal efficiency and high surface processing quality, and also shorten processing time. The cutting edge design can be used for the milling, milling and copying of various aluminum materials. The product design ensures excellent anti-chip performance and ensures the vertical vertical of the base wall. There are many types of products to choose from.


CFRP, the whole hard milling cutter, KCN05 ™ Beyond ™ material

KCN05 whole hard milling cutter has a long service life, the blade performance is improved, has excellent surface finish quality, suitable for hard cutting material CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) and non-ferrous metal materials processing. Unique groove design is easy to cut operation, reduce heat formation, and ensure high quality machining surfaces


KenFeed ™

The KenFeed end milling cutter has many effective cutting edges and is an ideal tool for processing steel materials with a hardness of 67 HRC. The KenFeed combines rough machining and semi-precision machining performance in all, and can be processed with small cut depth in high feed, with extremely high metal removal rate (MRR) performance. 3 x D diameter and long suspension design type, especially suitable for the application of 3D processing of cavity processing, such as slope milling and screw interpolation. In the application of face milling, the KenFeed which adopts the patent knife head can be fully exposed to the workpiece, which can be increased by 55% compared to that of the conventional ball head cutter with only 5-10%.


High performance hard material processing solid carbide end milling cutter

These metal stand milling products are specially used for high speed and high feed processing for hardness up to 67 HRC hardened steel materials. The product has special coating, matrix material, and groove type to ensure that the service life of cutter is very long in the processing of various hard materials.

Rotate the handle

The rotary shank series provides a comprehensive and comprehensive solution to connect machine tools and tools to enable you to give full play to their value. This diverse portfolio includes a Steadyline tool with built-in anti-vibration function. This series covers all standard artifact side interfaces and the mountain’s unique interfaces. In addition, A machine tool side interface for most specifications is included, including hsk-a-e-t, DIN, BT, ANSI, PSC (seco-capto) and cylindrical.

Face milling cutter handle

The company provides a wide – range, ISO 3937 standard face milling handle based on core – and tenon – drive functions. The product portfolio includes selection for most machine tool side connections, and covers most workpiece side diameters, providing excellent performance in many applications from rough milling to precision milling.

Accu Fit shank precise dynamic balance to 3 g.m m/kg. Because the mechanism can be automatically in the middle, it can maintain the dynamic balance of the tool and handle in the process of processing. They not only maintain a perfect dynamic balance during the high-speed milling of difficult materials, but also keep a low jump, so that all blades achieve the same cutting depth.

Three side milling cutter handle

The handle of the three side milling cutter is clamped with three side milling cutter with A adjustable sliding shaft with driving key, such as the high three-side milling cutter type A. It is also known as “telescopic” three-sided milling cutter handle. The adjustable slide shaft allows the use of the same three-sided milling cutter handle to hold a series of three side milling cutters with different widths. The base handle and the three – face milling cutter are fastened to the body of the handle by a built-in nail lock. Elongated front-end clamping flanges help to achieve optimal workpiece accessibility.

Thread milling

Thread milling is a cost effective general processing technology, which can be used for cutting various threads, parts and workpiece materials on the same machine. We have more solid carbide thread cutter, tooth indexable insert tools and thread processing wizard software can easily be process, and we can work out a good tooth type and high quality on the surface of the thread.

In general, thread milling can produce excellent non-burr surface and reduce tool inventory cost. The same tools can be used to process the left and right screw threads and different thread tolerances. In addition, the same tools can be used to thread the wide material and aperture. Thread milling is different from tapping. Even in hardened materials, full thread depth machining can be carried out with first-rate precision.

Threading guide

The software eliminates computing and simplifies the programming process so that operators do not have to make any guesses about milling. With very little data input, the software can select the correct operating tool, determine the best operating parameters, and then download the information to the CNC machine.

396.18/19/20 – blade cutter

Our 396.18/19/20 – blade cutter provides efficient and economical thread processing. Please use the product filter to learn about this product area.

THREADMASTER – integral thread milling cutter

Threadmaster ™ thread milling cutter at a relatively low cost of each hole thread processing and high quality. Threadmaster not only can process 100% thread depth, but also USES a large spiral Angle to reduce the cutting force and eliminate tremors. They have excellent hard alloy matrix and TiCN coating, which can provide excellent toughness and abrasion resistance in milling aluminum alloy, steel parts, stainless steel and cast iron. For high temperature alloy, the milling cutter with internal cold channel improved the chip, cutter service life and surface roughness. Can be processed M, MF, UNC, UNF, NPT, NPTF and BSP thread teeth, processing range of M4 to M20.

Threadmaster – H thread milling cutter is designed to process hardened materials between 45 and 60 HrC. Can be processed M and MF thread tooth type, processing range is M4 – M16.

Threadmaster – 900 thread milling cutter is designed for steel and stainless steel with tensile strength greater than 900 N/mm2. Can be processed M and MF thread teeth type, the processing range is M4 – M14.

Threadmaster – Mini thread milling cutter is designed to process m1-m2.5 threads in hardened materials between 45 and 60 HrC.

THREADMASTER – thread milling cutter

Threadmaster screw drill milling cutter is a multifunctional tool, through in a feed to complete the drilling and chamfering thread processing, not only provide excellent quality of thread, and reducing the costs of each hole processing. Shorter shavings can be efficiently discharged through a spiral groove. These tools use excellent hard alloy matrix and TiAlN coating, which can provide excellent toughness and abrasion resistance while milling aluminum alloy and cast iron. The range of processing is M4 to M16, which has both public coarse teeth and fine teeth (M, MF), as well as fine teeth and fine teeth (UNC, UNF), and BSP thread of English system.

THREADMASTER II – universal thread milling cutter

This universal thread cutter can be used for high precision and all-tooth processing of common materials. It provides three pitch and xd xd 2 and 3 options, but with EPB ™ expand from the handle and EPB 5672 high-precision collet chuck, in order to reduce the amount of beating. The thread of UNC and UNF can be processed, and the machining range is M4 to M16.

The thread turning

The threaded turning solution for inner and outer circular processing is capable of machining all the high quality threads of dimensions and contours. From direct die-casting single-point blades to innovative handles to intuitive software, we have everything you need to increase your productivity and profits.

To avoid artificial programming, our threading guide software eliminates complex programming and computational processes. With very little input, the wizard automatically selects the most suitable tool and blade, determines the best processing parameters, and then downloads the information to the machine’s CNC.

Snap-tap – LAYDOWN blade threading system

With advanced manufacturing process, our Snap – Tap ® threading tool enjoys a high precision cutting edge. After using this process, the blade does not need to be regrinding or grinding, making these knives a very economical choice. You can use it with our anti-twist shank, and you can also use the practical advice provided by our threading guide software to deal with any thread turning application encountered.

Our popular Snap – Tap ® thread cutting tool series provide three kinds of sword fragment groove type, can be well processed steel and stainless steel. Although each type has a unique purpose, they all have CP500 materials with very abrasion resistance PVD coating, which can be reliably processed in most common thread turning applications.

To coincide with the Snap – Tap ® blade using and manufacturing innovation the handle can provide the best holding force, able to prolong tool life and improve the machining accuracy. They adopt Anti – Twist blade lock system, the system is at the back of the blade has a very wear-resisting carbide pin, effectively prevent the rotation of the blade due to compression or reverse, positioning stability. In order to improve the rigidity of the blade and handle, the D type press plate firmly pushes the blade into the blade seat.

Multi-direction turning – threading

The highly stable and reliable MDT (multi-direction turning) system is made up of hilt and blade, which can provide excellent performance in thread turning. The product can be used for external and internal thread machining. Its unique clamping method combines the v-top clamp and the jagged interface between the blade bottom and the blade seat to achieve excellent stability.

Mini-shaft – small diameter internal thread turning

Highly general Mini – Shaft ™ is composed of the blade and handle, can provide a stable, high precision of internal thread processing. The mini-shaft adopts a unique double – tooth saw connector, which can form a solid connection point for its replaceable blade and handle, and the repeated positioning accuracy reaches +/ -0.02mm (+ /- 0.0008 in). All shank can be fitted with right and left blade, and provide inner cold passage. Suitable for a hole with a minimum diameter of 8 mm (0.315 in).

GRAFLEX modular system

Like the monolithic handle, the Graflex handle can be used in conjunction with the mainstream front-end type. Adjustable drill chuck and rotary coolant can only be used with Graflex joint to ensure high degree of flexibility.

The Graflex adapter with a Combimaster front-end applies to the Combimaster tool product line.

SECO-CAPTO modular system

Seco – Capto ™ modular clamping series conforms to ISO 26623 standard polygon handle connection (PSC), and equipped with a self locking cone joint.

The seco-capto conical joint provides quick and convenient tool disassembly, which can be separated by unlocking the center bolt in the center bolt system or by loosening the CAM in the CAM shaft side clamping system. The seco-capto range includes the base handle, the middle indirect rod and the front-end handle and the transfer handle.

Rotating internal cold handle

For machine tools that are not equipped with the main shaft cooling channel, the rotary external cooling handle for the drill is provided with a method for conveying the coolant through the drill bit. These handles provide Graflex back ends (pole size 5 or 6) and five types of front end.

Front-end options include: for type 7 bit knife rod, ISO 9766 (side solid compatibility); For the Perfomax drill with type 7 bit knife rod, diameter adjustable range +0.8 to -0.3 mm; And BSM/ 401, for Graflex modular system module. The internal cold handle can be used for manual and automatic knife changing.

Taper switch

Taper swivel joint allows the handle or tool to be used in conjunction with the taper of the machine tool and the spindle taper of the machine tool. For example, the BT40 tapping chuck is used on the 50 taper spindle.

These switch handles eliminate the leading time of loss during machine downtime. In addition, the switch can also be used to test custom knives on another machine tool (rather than a planned production machine).

Taper switch handles eliminate the need to provide a new tool or tool for a specific machine tool. Them at any time can be used with the built-in lock clamping mechanism, these institutions in ball bearings (applicable to large taper clamping) or HSK locking unit (for HSK – A or HSK – taper clamping C) with the clamping screw

Handle to install bridge board

These fixed seats and adapters are used to install the bridge board on the spindle of the machine tool. Can be directly installed in the bridge plate on the base of the handle (HSK and SA) or for long parts of Graflex ™ modular adapter. Version of the bridge Angle orientation degree according to every 30 °, easy to locate in the machine tool disc knife library.

The handle blank

The company’s prepared tool stock allows customers to produce their own custom clamping solutions. The machine side connection is 100% processed. The workpiece side includes “soft” non-sclerosing tube (tensile strength of 120 to 130 daN/mm squared) for easy processing. Follow-up heat treatment is not recommended.

Test control rod

The test bar is mainly used to check the accuracy, and set up the tool shaft and the knife tool. The diameter of the front and the cone is the maximum of 5 mu m. The measured values are listed in the attached data table and certificate of accuracy. The value and position of the diameter and length measurements are engraved on each test bar by laser. Front edge can be used for optical knife. The mountain high test bar is installed in the protective box to pay the customer.

Strong milling clip

These clamps are designed for harsh and rough milling applications, with super processing power and excellent metal cutting rates.

Collet chuck

With the interchangeable clamping head, the same spring clamping holder can hold a number of different blade diameters, so the system provides excellent generality. This technique USES a standard wrench without any maintenance of the clamps.

Universal drill chuck

The generic drill chuck provides a simple and easy to use drill clamp solution. Compact and compact design is compatible with clockwise and counterclockwise spindle rotation, and allows the tool to be replaced directly on the machine tool.

The side entry screw and gear mechanism can provide clamping, and maintain the high clamping force through the large area of contact between the grip and the tool. For the diameter of more than 2 mm, the handle can provide the maximum amount of the beating of 40 m in the 2.5xD suspension length.

Tap holder

The tap series can provide machining thread effect on machine tools with or without synchronous spindle rotation (relative to X and Y axis).

COMBIMASTER threaded modular system

Combimaster is a modular milling cutter system with a wide range of knife rod types, length dimensions and interchangeable blades.

The series includes the Steadyline damping shank, which can automatically offset and eliminate tool vibration. This patented solution improves productivity and technological security while making Combimaster systems ideal for long overhanging processing.

The system includes square shoulder milling cutter, vertical milling cutter, copying milling cutter, face milling cutter, milling cutter and three side milling cutter, so it can provide the highest flexibility in a wide range of applications. All Combimaster knives and knives have internal cooling channels, and many of them offer different sizes.

In addition, Combimaster system includes ER clamping system for surface milling and side milling. Different from other products on the market, the system will be ER collet, ER clamping nut and ball bearing interface together, allowing during installation to achieve unparalleled cutting tool positioning and clamping capacity. The Combimaster system offers three sizes of ER sizes and five different thread sizes to support a wide range of interchangeable milling cutter head, especially the blade of a mountain Turbo series.