cutting tool

HAM is a global manufacturer that provides excellent quality and service for solid carbide and PCD cutting tools. It services for the following industries which are distributed in North and South America, Asia as well as the whole Europe:

oAutomotive and sub supplying industry
oAerospace industry, such as engines and turbines, as well as processing of carbon fiber materials and other complex materials)
oPart production on CNC machining centers in all work piece
oMold and die industry
oTools for drilling and routing in the printed circuit board industry
oCrystal technology

The cutting tools of HAM have a competitively price because of quick delivery on any standards and specials. HAM fully understands the difficulties of the present market and can provide individual services for each client in order to look for cost-effective solutions for the customer’s specific needs.
“NEW” High-powered Drill Offerings – Program Choices for your Production

It is the honor for HAM to recommend the most popular dill offerings which are designed for the American Markets specifically, with the most popular styles and various sizes of diameter offering, such as mm, inch and fractional sizes. Besides, the technical information included cutting data and material information we have will help you make suitable choices for your production.