deep hole processing

It is proved that the use of internal cooling and to improve productivity by drilling, deep hole processing, very effective. With the advantages of not only, by cutting off the fluid directly to the drilling point,   play the cooling effect, but also play   and   to   assist     mandatory chip, chip breaking…. and in depth are more than 3 times of the diameter by using bit by processing and internal cooling effect, more obvious, but until now, with internal cooling often only With a diameter 3 mm or more bits are bits.
In order to improve the engineering te te te te te te bit parts, pieces of data, and optimization and new materials also, you will need to make and test inspection  .   use   in the car, dig a set of test, measurement data, and established the practical calculation on drilling force   method, this method is based on the orthogonal rotation, in the properties, test access te data.
If successfully exploited, shift, and measured data based on the drilling, operation simulation the drilling process, and, therefore, you get to understand the best search well, is the most important. The cutting operation on  …   usually on rotating parts, and drill processing of approximately   30 percent  .   or   both in drilling, digging, or the blade and blade pieces are, under normal conditions, and is continuing to cut with, and use of the same materials, cutting tool, and thus, this point, with M The P operation, drilling, or similar vehicle.