high performance solid carbide end milling cutter

High performance solid carbide end milling cutter series

High performance end milling cutter

High-performance tool could slot, slot milling and contour machining, can be used for high feed processing of a variety of materials, material type, including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, high temperature alloys, as well as hardening materials. These vertical milling cutter products have high metal removal rate and excellent surface machining performance. Several knives have a variety of diameter and knife types, such as chamfering, rounded corners, pointed corners, and ball heads, all of which have inventory.

High performance solid carbide rough finish milling cutter

High performance roughing cutting tools can be used for many kinds of workpiece materials, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. In certain applications, hard materials can also be processed. Custom roughing tool profile can reduce the cutting force to the necessary degree; Or the rough machining performance and semi-precision machining properties are combined to reduce the number of times.

RSM high performance solid carbide end milling cutter

RSM II has high productivity in the machining of titanium and titanium alloy structures in the aerospace industry. The RSM II can be used with high speed peeling milling method to ensure better chip formation and discharging performance in deep cavity workpiece machining. RSM products equipped with HAIMER II ® company produces Safe – Lock ™ device.

High performance solid carbide finishing milling cutter

High performance precision machining tools can be used in various kinds of workpiece materials, such as steel, stainless steel, cast titanium, high temperature alloy materials, in certain applications, can also be processed with hardened materials.

MaxiMet ™

The MaxiMet has excellent metal removal rate (MRR) performance, which can be used in the milling, milling and processing of various aluminum materials. Its patented groove design ensures that the cutter has satisfactory rigidity and improves the performance of the chip. Excellent wall and bottom vertical degree can be also worked out in long suspension applications. The front groove of the MaxiMet is used to grind the blade to ensure the precision of the plane machining.