modular milling cutter

DUO – lambda OCK ® modular milling cutter, HARVI ™

Duo – Lock ™ HARVI trough type is mainly used for solid carbide end mill applications. Beat Duo – Lock ™ has a very high accuracy and the length of repeated positioning precision, also has excellent connection stability. Duo – Lock ™ device of this characteristics can give full play to the kerner metal trough and the potential of the material. Higher metal removal efficiency can be achieved. Various diameter and blade sizes, such as chamfering, rounded corners, and sharp cutting edges, are available in stock.

DUO – lambda OCK ® modular milling cutter, MaxiMet ™

The MaxiMet has excellent metal removal rate (MRR) performance, which can be used in the milling, milling and processing of various aluminum materials. Its patented groove design ensures that the cutter has satisfactory rigidity and improves the performance of the chip. The vertical vertical degree of the wall surface is also produced in the long suspension application. The front groove of the MaxiMet is used to grind the blade to ensure the precision of the plane machining.

DUO – lambda OCK ® modular roughing mill

Duo – Lock ™ high-performance rough machining cutter has excellent performance of metal removal rate, at the same time also can reduce the machine power consumption. It can be used for many kinds of workpiece materials, such as steel, stainless steel, and difficult machining materials. The machining custom groove has excellent chip cutting control performance and will reduce the cutting force to the necessary degree. Combined with rough machining and semi-precision machining performance, reduce the number of times.

DUO – lambda OCK ® modular finishing mill

Duo – Lock ™ high-performance finishing tool for titanium, steel, and stainless steel materials for processing, has excellent surface finish quality and metal removal rate (MRR) performance, provide two basic groove type products. FMDF groove type is especially suitable for the finishing of steel materials and stainless steel materials. Duo – Lock ™ RSM trough type II is designed for high speed peeling milling, in deep cavity machining workpiece to ensure better chip formation and discharge performance, under the condition of the same diameter has the most number of blade.

Duo – Lock ™ XRDA fillet processing cutting tool and XADA chamfering tool makes high-performance vertical milling cutter series more perfect.