Film wrap machine


5)reduce film usage
Our wrap machine and stretch film carriage can stretch the film before applying onto the pallet load, unlike the hand wrapping or a machine without pre-stretch film carriage what only can stretch while applying.if you’re wrapping 10-15 pallet loads, you will find our company is your best choice and we can meet all of your requirement.
With good sense, most semi-automatic machines and fully automatic wrapping systems make our unique stretch carriage achieve a standard ratio of 250% within tolerance shrink .it’s very important technique to unitize pallet loads safely.
It keeps reducing your film usage, When you transfer from hand wrapping to machine stretch wrapping, you will find it can reduce your film cost about 50% dramatically and minimize carbon footprint steady. please take the saving cost into a good consideration when you give a quotation.
If you want to know more additional information, please feel free to contact to your local distributor or our sales department.
Our company is a pioneer in the field of engineering and manufacturing of stretch packing machines and systems with 30years long experience, we are your first choice in modernizing and upgrading your end-of-the packaging process.
You can enjoy benefits through a small investment:
Innovative ability and extensive knowledge in the pallet unitizing area can provide you an effective solution.
Qualified equipment with competitive price to lower your operating cost and get good effect soon.
Friendly attitude and effective service what you can expect anything you want from a family-owned company.
All the manufacturing process from engineering to welding, painting, assembly and final testing have been finished in our, Canada plant.It can assure our customer can enjoy the exceptional quality and cost control.